Monday, December 17, 2012

eos Lip Balms

As a chronic sufferer of dry and chapped lips, I'm constantly on the hunt for a lip balm that moisturizes without leaving a waxy residue. But my hunt has come to an end after trying the effective -- and super trendy -- eos lip balm.

Strictly aesthetically speaking, this lip balm provides long-lasting moisture, and it applies clear without any pigmentation. The benefit of it being clear is that you can wear it under any lipstick—it won't add any color and it won't change the color of your lip product. What's more, even when you wear it by itself, it doesn't look like you're wearing any lip product at all. Read the rest of my article at Daily Glow.

Image courtesy of hviit via Pinterest.


  1. Vegan Tree Owl Lip Balm coats your lips to make them feel moist & supple. The flavouring they use is 100% Vegan and made from natural oils & plant extracts.
    I bought it from .

  2. I love Eos lip balm!