I am not a dermatologist, licensed physician, or cosmetologist. I don't have any formal degree's in any beauty related field. This blog functions solely on my trial and error and the research I do. I am not liable for any allergic reactions or side affects any of these "at home recipes" may have on you or your loved ones.

Images Used on this Blog
Not all images used on this blog have been taken by me. If there is a specific product I am reviewing or using, I will use an official image from that product website. If I am sharing a beauty recipe, I may have used a stock photo found on Google Images to share images of the ingredients. In no way am I claiming to be the owner of all the images used in this blog and all images are copyrighted to their respective original owners. If you are the owner of an image used on this blog, please contact me at cherrystainedlips@gmail.com and I will remove the image immediately.

Reviews of Products
All product reviews on this blog are solely my opinion. If I don't like a product, who knows, it might work for you! If I love a product, it may not work for you. A lot of products are subjective, in the sense that they work differently based on who is using it. I am simply sharing how these products worked for me.

On a similar note, all the products reviewed have been purchased with my own money and are full sized products. If in the future I review a product  that was given free or was a sample, I will state it at the top of the post.