Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Barbie Without Makeup

Growing up, I never quite identified with Barbie. Maybe it's because the pale skinned blonde haired figurine was not very similar to my dark skin and dark haired self. Whatever the reason it may be, Barbie has come under a lot heat over the last few decades for setting a negative example and ideal for young girls.

It's a contentious topic that most people can easily add their two cents to, and many people have looked into how realistic the doll really is. While some have blown up the doll to make it life size (and in turn, make it clear that the doll is not made to human scale), others argue that toys are not meant to be realistic. And after all, a toy is just that: A toy.

Recently, an image of Barbie without makeup has been making rounds across the internet. And surprisingly, this 'makeunder' of the glamorous doll has not been faring well. It's surprising and ironic, given how people wanted a real doll for so long. 

Is the doll realistic? Most argue otherwise. Read the rest of my article over at Latin Times to find out the three reasons why Barbie may need a new look.

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