Noteworthy Links

Here are some Videos, Articles and Sites that I find worthy of at least one watch/read/glance.

1) The Story of Cosmetics is a short film by Free Range Studios, in partnership with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, that raises awareness to what is really in all the cosmetics and beauty products we apply on ourselves in for the sake of beauty.

2) Makeup Expiration links from Good Housekeeping and Marie Claire.

3) My Beauty-related publications:
Carrot Connection: How eating carrots makes you more beautiful 

Lost Girls World
Gorgeous on the Go: 7 Simple Beauty Tips for Red Eye Traveling

VISTA Magazine 
New Year's Eve Makeup Tips
How To Perfectly Apply Mascara
DIY Beauty Products
Natural Beauty Masks

Daily Glow
Dry Shampoo
Oily Skin Treatment