Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Benefits Of A Cold Shower

With the recent heat wave, I've been day dreaming about nice cold showers that wash away the humidity, sweat and general disgusting-ness that I've absorbed throughout the day. 

But apart from my own needs to counter the weather, turns out there are multiple health and beauty benefits associated with taking a cold shower:
  • An instant change in temperature is said to increase your mental alertness and relieve your body of fatigue. So next time you're in the shower, start with a brief hot shower and quickly switch over to a cold shower. 
  • Switching back and forth between hot and cold water is also said to improve circulation.
  • Researchers have found that two to three minute cooler showers (around 68 degrees) daily can treat depression.
  • Cold water makes the cuticles of your hair close so that its flat, making hair shiny and smooth. 
  • Hot water showers open your pores, leaving them vulnerable to getting clogged. Thus, in theory, a cold water shower should shrink your pores. 

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