Friday, February 1, 2013

Coconut Oil for Hair

 Image via Pinterest.

Many people use coconut oil in cooking for its health benefits, but followers of Ayurvedic remedies (which are traditional Indian remedies) use the oil on their scalp and hair claiming it prevents hair loss and hydrates your hair. But is there any substance behind using coconut oil for hair? Yes, there is!

The rich fatty acids found in the oil nourish hair and remove excess dead cells on your scalp. Many bottled conditioners are water-based and thus, do not offer the same deeply concentrated moisture that the oil provides. In fact, studies have found that the chemical structure of coconut oil allows it to penetrate the hair fiber and have a higher moisture retention value. And it's not just deep conditioning: You can keep flyaways at bay by applying a tiny dab of coconut oil.

Read the rest of my article about the benefits of coconut oil at Daily Glow.


  1. I have been using this oil for more than three years. Its really good in quality .Its not like any other hair oil where your hair falls when you apply it. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  2. I used olive oil for my hair
    and it did make it shinier and softer but thicker.