Monday, March 19, 2012

Beer Hair Rinse

I had always heard about beer being a great rinse for your hair--mainly from a Catherine Zeta Jones interview where she revealed that as her beauty secret.

Being no stranger to beauty experiments myself, I tried this out this past weekend over St.Patty's day. Could there be a better day for your hair to smell like beer?

I did feel--and maybe this is all in my head--that my hair was shinier. That being said, it was nothing compared to apple cider vinegar and since apple cider vinegar is cheaper, I'd rather opt for that.

But does a beer rinse actually work? Self recently tackled that question in their beauty blog and the answer just may surprise you! According to their post, the reasons why people believe beer is good for your hair is the protein content, acidic pH and the fact that beer contains a natural astringent called hops.

Unfortunately, the science doesn't back this up: The protein in beer doesn't deposit in your hair and is washed off, the pH has no significant impact and the astringent is not left on your hair long enough to have any real benefit.

Long story short: Drink your beer.

Image via Zazzle.

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