Friday, February 3, 2012

Yellow Nails

Yellow nails make a person look unhealthy and/or poorly groomed. Common causes are smoking, regular use of nail polish and sometimes they're scars from cooking in the kitchen.

If you have yellow nails, a great way to make them relatively whiter is to rub a lemon slice under the tips. The acid of the lemon eats away at the stains. Soaking your nails with lemon juice would also suffice! If you're using fresh lemons, make sure to peel the thin filament and that the juices can actually come in contact with your nails!

Another great trick is to use Denture Tablets. Denture tablets are used to whiten and clean dentures and therefore, can do the same for your nails. You just follow the instructions on the denture tablet box (usually involving soaking the tablet in water) and then soak your fingernails in the liquid for a few minutes.

If you're too lazy, busy or just not interested in trying the methods above, here are two products that would lighten yellow nails:

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