Monday, February 6, 2012

Mineral Water..the common cure for Wrinkles?

It's been the cardinal rule of beauty that if you drink 8 glasses of water, you'll have flawless skin. I've heard this since I was a wee little five year old and continue to hear this till this day. 

It's been a conflicted statement since some argue that it merely nourishes the outermost layer of your skin and other insist that it eliminates wrinkles and nourishes your skin from inside out.

Recent studies prove that water does help the skin! But more importantly, specific types of water benefit the skin more.

The study was conducted giving half the subjects tap water and the other half mineral water. Before and after pictures were taken. Results showed that women who drank tap water showed a 19% decrease in wrinkles and women who drank mineral water showed a 24% decrease in wrinkles.

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