Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aloe Vera Hair Rinse

My dear friend Sarika--whose skin and hair glows like none other--told me she swears by applying aloe vera on her hair. If I were allowed to share a picture of her, I would, but suffice to say if she ever gives me a beauty tip...I will take it.

Last weekend I trekked off to my local Trader Joe's and bought a huge tub of aloe vera juice (I figure if it's safe enough to consume, it's safe enough to rinse with) for only $7.99!

The consistency and color of the juice is just like water, which makes it hard to rinse with-you can't just apply it to your hair like conditioner. I ended up putting it in a spray bottle so that I could evenly spritz the juice throughout my hair.

I did a little reading around before trying this and found A LOT about the alleged benefits of applying aloe vera on your hair and scalp. Apparently, it's great for maintaining a healthy scalp--makes sense since your scalp is essentially skin and aloe vera is good for your skin--and can even help with dandruff since it breaks down dead cells. What's more, it makes a great conditioner since it moisturizes your hair and gives it shine and strength.

My Thoughts
So far, I've rinsed my hair with aloe vera twice. I think its too soon to expect any result in terms of scalp condition or any drastic results in my hair, but I do feel that my hair is smoother and less frizzy. Will I be using this rinse again? Absolutely--I can't wait to see the longterm benefits and the difference in use actual aloe vera gel versus the juice.

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