Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Numbing Brows For Grooming

Tweezing, waxing and threading are all painful experiences for me. So much so that I only manage to get my brows done twice or thrice a year. 

Threading is my method of choice for grooming my brows, but it's just oh so painful.

I always feel like I whine and moan a whole lot more about getting my brows done than the average girl. I like to blame my aversion to grooming my brows to my low tolerance threshold for pain.

Whatever it may be, I am always willing to execute any step that can potentially alleviate the pain that comes with primping my brows.

One super easy, cheap and efficient trick you can try is to numb your brows using a bag of frozen peas. It's pretty easy: Place a bag on your brow bone for two minutes to create a numbing effect.  

It really can be a bag of frozen anything; even a ziploc bag with ice. Just make sure not to directly apply ice to your brows because a wet brow is horrible for waxing/threading.

Content Source: In Style Magazine, May 2010
Image Source: Google Images, specifically here

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