Monday, January 9, 2012

Threading Vs. Waxing

I have been getting my eyebrows threaded at Indian beauty parlors since I was 15. My mom insisted it's better than waxing and not to mention, more often than not, it's cheaper too. I've never had to pay more than $7 (including tip) to get my brows threaded.

Wondering what is threading? Threading is a Persian technique of facial hair grooming--which is popular in South Asia and China as well--that involves using a twisted cotton string to individually remove brow/facial hair.

The thing is, I have had my brows waxed before and quite frankly, it's a lot less painful. Waxing involves getting all the pain in one shot. You put the wax on, apply the paper, and BAM. Yes, there's more pain that one time, but that's it--you're done. Threading, on the contrary, is like torture to me. It's uncomfortable for me to hold my eyelid tight and you can feel each and every hair being plucked.

Yet for some reason, South Asian women across the world significantly prefer threading over waxing (or any other form of brow grooming). 

When looking over the pros and cons list (see below), I'm not really sure there is any significant advantage to threading except for the price.


  • Lasts 2-3 weeks
  • Hair grows back finer and thinner
  • Optimal for removing ingrown hairs
  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin since threading does not come in direct contact with skin
  • Can result in nicks on your skin from accidentally cutting your skin
  • Because each hair is individually removed, it is more precise than waxing
  • Last 2-3 weeks
  • Hair grows back finer and thinner
  • May cause swelling or tenderness for 24 hours after waxing
  • Can burn skin if wax is too hot; danger of wax in eye area
  • Chemicals in wax may irritate those with sensitive skin
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