Monday, January 23, 2012

Cell Phone Acne

I recently (and by recently I mean 1.5 years ago) got an iPhone and ATT's dropped calls have been the bane of my existence, the pain in my ass and the zits on my face. The latter could be non-metaphorical!

Evidently, you should ideally clean your cell phone with antibacterial wipes every day (or at worst, once a week) in order to eliminate the bacteria on your phone that gives your face/cheek/chin acne.

When New Yorkers were asked by ABC what they thought was dirtier--a toilet seat, bottom sole of your shoe or your cell phone--the vast majority chose toilet seat. Reality? Your cell phone! In fact, your cell phone may have 18x more bacteria than a toilet handle!

It's estimated that half the phones in the world contain staph bacteria, which is responsible for spreading skin infections and meningitis. The germs come from your face and your hands.

Essentially, if you don't clean your cell's like you're rubbing a urinal on your face. Your call!

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