Monday, January 16, 2012

Longterm Effects of High Heels

I LOVE wearing high heels. 

Even though my father was the one who encouraged my first purchase of heels (probably in a moment of weakness due to his growing concern over my lack of femininity), he never failed to point out that Winston Churchill's mother died of high heels and thus, emphasized how I should stop wearing them. 

Needless to say, within ten minutes of this article appearing on CNN, it was forwarded to my e-mail account with a little personalized note:
I told you heels are bad for you! Next time I come home, your heels better be destroyed or sold. Crazy Cow!
What daddy dearest forgot to do was READ the article. Here are the highlights:
  • Wearing two-inch heels (or higher) five or more days a week shrinks a woman's calf muscle fibers by 13 percent, on average. It also thickens her Achilles tendon -- which attaches the calf muscle to the heel -- by 22 percent.
  • For some habitual high-heel wearers, switching from stilettos to flats can be a shock.
  • Discomfort "will primarily occur in women wearing almost exclusively high-heeled shoes."
  • If you wear stiletto's, make sure to stretch to keep muscles and tendons strong.

Article Source: CNN Health
Image Source: FashionEtc

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